Lush causes outcry with ‘anti-police’ campaign

Poole based cosmetics company Lush who also have a branch in Swindon have caused outrage among serving and ex police officers as well as police staff and supporters of the emergency services after launching an anti-police campaign this week.

Lush set up a campaign, to raise concerns and awareness about so called ‘Spy-Cops’ but critics have called for customers to boycott the shop over the stereotype the Lush had set out.

The signage that most shops are displaying show a uniformed Police officer and then one out of uniform with the words ‘Paid to Lie’

As a result the Lush UK Facebook page has received over 31,000 negative reviews in the past few days with many reviews talking about how they were going to boycott Lush and saying that they hope that Lush would never need the police. This follows a campaign set up from UK Cop Humour and Bullshire Police

A Lush spokesperson said the following:

 ‘This is not an anti-state/anti-police campaign. We are aware that the police forces of the UK are doing an increasingly difficult and dangerous job whilst having their funding slashed. We fully support them in having proper police numbers, correctly funded to fight crime, violence and to be there to serve the public at our times of need. This campaign is not about the real police work done by those front line officers who support the public every day – it is about a controversial branch of political undercover policing that ran for many years before being exposed.’

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